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About me,

Hello there! My name is Josh Cannon, and I am an AV Manager at Frameless, sound engineer, music producer, and DJ. I have had the incredible opportunity to showcase my musical work on esteemed platforms such as Radio Margate and in the Turner gallery during the Oscillate Festival in June 2018.

Throughout my journey in the music and AV industry, I have gained valuable experience in various fields. I have worked as an AV technician and AV team lead at the British Museum, AV manager at Frameless London and as a recording engineer, shadowing at renowned studios like 123 Studios and Squarehead Studios, where I had the privilege of shadowing and assisting the talented Robert Wilks. This hands-on experience allowed me to refine my skills and learn from the best in the industry.

Additionally, I have delved into radio production, engineering and hosting my own shows and gaining proficiency in this captivating medium. Moreover, I have had the honor of meeting with esteemed artists such as Matthew Herbert, Paul Patterson for composition, and Obar Ejimiwe (Ghostpoet) in radio production.

To further expand my knowledge and refine my craft, I pursued a degree in Creative Music Technology at Canterbury Christ Church University. This educational journey equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of music production and provided me with a solid foundation to experiment and explore the limitless possibilities within sound and music.

With a deep passion for creating captivating and innovative sounds and experienced, I continually strive to push boundaries and captivate audiences through my worrk. Whether I am crafting tracks in the studio, curating exhilarating DJ sets, or designing unique sounds, I am dedicated to delivering an exceptional musical experience.

I have since taken on an AV manager role at Frameless and immersive art experience. This role has allowed me to develop essential leadership and communication skills, as I guide and motivate individuals towards a shared goal. Furthermore, being a manager has granted me a higher level of responsibility, enabling me to make strategic decisions and drive the success of projects. I have also had the chance to influence and shape the direction of my  organization, contributing to its growth and development by expanding on AV service for events.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

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