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New single by J|Cannon

J|Cannon’s debut single is called “Aurora”. Aurora is a track made by J|Cannon, made using a variety of hardware synths (Roland JX-3P, TR-707, Critter and Guitari Bolsa Bass, a crappy Casio keyboard) Some found-sound samples, and software synths (Massive, East West Orchestral Instruments). Ableton and MAX for Live were also main tools used to glitchify and make ambient, the different sound sources. The overall feel of the EP is ambient-ecstatic mildly glitchy dance music to be absorbed in everyday situations also to be appreciated as club music.



sorrowful songs—prophecies
Lauren redhead with Alistair Zaldua and Josh Cannon

These pieces were created from 2016-2018 as part of a collaborative project in three stages. Lauren Redhead created scores, texts, samples, and concepts for performance. Alistair Zaldua then took part in the realisation of the works for live performance through the development of performance practices and live electronic interfaces. In the final stage of the project, Lauren and Alistair were joined in the studio by Josh Cannon who contributed creative studio practices and mixed and mastered the final tracks. This music is therefore a result of live performances, studio composition and of collaborative exchanges.

Lauren Redhead: scores, texts, concepts, organ, voice, harpsichord, wind instruments.

Alistair Zaldua: violin, double bass, percussion, max/msp programming, live electronics.

Josh Cannon: Ableton programming, creative studio practices, mixing and mastering

Release Date: October 1, 2018.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments. If you also require any Ableton Programming, Studio Work, Mixing and Mastering then definitely get in touch!


Sui Generis at Oscillate 2018

Pictures from set-up and usage of 'Sui Generis' at Oscillate Festival and the afterparty party at Radio Margate where I also DJ'ed.

A Festival of experimental music and sound


Tape Loop Art Installation Test

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This video shows the prototype set up for my project, 'Sui Generis'. In the video I am operating an example of the software I have designed. Using Max MSP, I created a motion detection patch that takes an audio input from e a reel to reel tape deck and the video data from an external webcam. The motion of the audience controls processing of the sound in Ableton from the tape deck resulting in an interactive music.

The final project was exhibited in the Turner Contemporary at OSCILLATE Festival on June 2 2018.


Lost Horizons

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Lost Horizons is a project I based on the creation of music through undefined loop lengths. The video itself is a decoration that shows the change in music tone from dark to light, this is represented by travelling from space to earth.